Moby - play - 2cd box set

Blank and Jones (based in Cologne) write eloquently in the booklet of this new release about the challenges of licensing what can be quite obscure remixes from major labels. ‘Clearing’ (the term for getting legal approval to licensing the audio) these 22 tracks took six months and remixes of certain songs have, regrettably, to be crossed off the wish-list for a variety of reasons, such as the label not being able to find the tapes (there are no vinyl rips on this collection), or the record company simply lacking the digital ‘paperwork’ to show that it’s theirs to licence (. music industry version of ‘computer says no’).

   Nu a fost niciodata mai simplu sa ai chiar la tine acasa cele mai bune filme , care au trecut testul timpului si au devenit capodopere ale cinematografiei precum: Casablanca, Piciul – cu o interpretare magistrala a lui Charlie Chaplin, The Godfather, Star Wars, Dictatorul si multe altele!

Moby - Play - 2CD Box Set